Trio of thieves now in jail

In the meantime, a trio was sentenced, in whose vehicle officers of the lichtenfels police had seized stolen goods, mainly perfume and cosmetics, worth about 7500 euros at the beginning of february. The thieves had apparently been on a thieving spree, stealing perfumes and cosmetics from several drugstores on their way from frankfurt to lichtenfels. They had hidden the stolen goods in the backseat bench in a rough cavity they had built themselves, which was not visible from the outside.
As part of the investigation, the three thieves, two mongolian women aged 31 and 35, and their 29-year-old driver, were brought before the examining magistrate at kronach district court the day after their arrest, the coburg public prosecutor's office and lichtenfels police station announced in a joint press release. The judge issued an arrest warrant for investigation. All three were sent to different correctional facilities until their trial at the beginning of july.

Imprisonment imposed

the judge of the district court of kronach finally sentenced the driver and the older of the two women to nine months imprisonment. Her younger accomplice was sentenced to one year and six months.
A part of the stolen goods could be assigned to the damaged properties and handed over again. The rest will be auctioned by the public prosecutor's office coburg. The 29-year-old will not get back the car that was seized and prepared for the thefts. This will be processed by the court.

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