Welcome to the dictatorship

Sheikh" led in style christian toma through the funny and varied program and got support from pia messerschmitt. "Welcome to the dictatorship" – this poster was used to bury the teachers who took part in the examinations that the graduates had devised for them.
The varied games made also the audience very much fun and provided for rough enthusiasm. The teachers also enjoyed the abischerz, and sussner took the opportunity to dance the abituria 2012 veil as "belly dancer layla" to the sounds of "fata morgana" and to provide for rough amusement the first general uncertainty.
The other teachers were also challenged. The challenge was to get the ball into the goal in a human tipp-kick. Pantomime talent was also required when the teachers had to act out various terms to the schoolchildren. In the "camel race was condition demanded, the sandcastle building as competition discipline was also funny. There was also the task of making drawings of teaching staff under time pressure – these then had to be sold to the highest bidder by the teaching staff in the city. Both teachers and students had a great time at the abischz, the weather also cooperated and so "abudhabi" will for the participants will be remembered for a long time. Especially to the teachers who had lost a competition. In keeping with the theme, they had to compete as "camels" in the "stable" lingered until they were auctioned off to the highest bidder at the end of the abischerz – a wonderful spab.
"The dance was great, the games were creative – everything was great", school principal joachim schwigon, who also took part in the abischerz and – like all the other visitors – was first painted with paint for the funeral, said enthusiastically. Teacher margot dorr, who had to compete against her colleague heidrun wagner-hack at the abischz, enjoyed it just as much. "The abischerz was successful and the weather also played along", so the teacher. In the afternoon, the traditional "glockleslauten" was concluded to. On wednesday, the 2019 high school graduation team will compete against the teacher's team in soccer.

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