Why the fc in feuerthal is a rough number – even without a fubball team

Why the fc in feuerthal is a rough number - even without a fubball team

FC feuerthal has exactly one hundred members. And that is an admirable circumstance, because the hammelburg district only has a little more than 200 inhabitants. Almost every second person is a member of the fubball club, which has not had a fubball team for decades – but obviously has an excellent strategy for survival.

People in the village think in a highly pragmatic way, because community spirit is part of the village's DNA, so to speak, because forces are bundled where it makes sense to do so. At the christmas parties at the schultheis inn and the excursions and hikes, for example, which are planned and implemented together with the other associations in the town, the music club and the volunteer fire department. Many residents are active in several associations at the same time anyway.

Grown close to the heart

"It's important to me that there are still clubs in our area. And the FC has long grown close to my heart, despite the work", says andrea beck-gradert, who has been chairwoman since 2009, but who feels like she has always been there. "In the early days, I used to make bread on the gas stove at the sports field and sell pancakes, then at some point I was on the board of directors, says the native of obererthal, who has lived in feuerthal since 1984 and was confirmed in office once again last year. "But that only works because my family is behind it", says the married mother of three children.

People like eugen thust, hilmar beck and josef stein have left their mark on the club, which was founded in 1948. And represent a time when the FCF was still the king of football. With a seat in the "waldstadion, which has its name so rightly. If you know your way around the woods, it's just as far to elfershausen as it is to obererthal or thulba. FC feuerthal had a team in play from 1948 to 1967 and from 1979 to 1986. After all.

Highlights in everyday life and club life

Current departments are the volleyball leisure group, which meets in the saaletalhalle in hammelburg, as well as women's gymnastics and senior sports in the old school under the expert guidance of christiane kuchler, a sports teacher with a training instructor certificate. "For our older students, some of whom are over 80 years old, this is always a highlight in non-corona times. This is a gain of joie de vivre", says andrea beck-gradert, who, together with her colleagues on the board, also likes to come up with other ideas, such as a self-defense course or an afternoon for people from newuburger to get to know each other. Social commitment is reflected not least in the form of donations, such as the one recently made to the newly opened playground.

The undisputed high point in the club's life remains the may festival at the sports field, which is awakened from its dormant sleep on this day. "There were thoughts of holding the may festival at the fire station, but the ambience up there, including the performance by the band, is unique, even if the outlay is of course enormous", so Sndrea Beck-Gradert.

The mayfest can maybe even take place again next year. The probability is probably even higher than that a male feuerthaler will find his way to senior citizen sports. "We are still waiting for it", says Andrea Beck-Gradert.

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