Wind farm grobgarnstadt is in the offing

Wind farm grobgarnstadt is in the offing

The grobgarnstadt wind farm is slowly taking shape. Project developer garrelt brunken from green city energy answered the questions of the municipal council members and provided information on the current status of the possible wind farm
the decision on how the municipality will proceed is to be made in a closed session.
The priority area had to be trimmed in the southern area, because the route of the 380 kv line is planned there.
It extends east of grobgarnstadt. It starts south of the road from grobgarnstadt to bieberbach, continues north over the pralax and ends north of the road from kleingarnstadt to oberwasungen.

Basic questions have been clarified
The consent of the landowners has been obtained for the most part, as brunken explained in the status report. Contracts have been drawn up and the planning conditions have been checked. The model airfield near bieberbach was a problematic factor. According to brunken, this too will not pose any problems.
But before the construction of the wind turbines can start, it will take at least another year. Because first of all, expert reports on nature conservation and a wind report have to be drawn up. A period of about one year is required for this purpose. Thus, at the end of 2014, after the approval procedure, the construction could be started. Construction was completed in 2015. A participation of the citizens was promised, whereby the minimum contribution of the citizens of ebersdorf should be 2000 euro.

Distance could be too small
The planned distance between the wind turbines and residential areas was the subject of lengthy discussions. This is 900 meters from kleingarnstadt, 1.2 kilometers from grobgarnstadt and 2.6 kilometers from frohnlach.
This has prompted local councillor bernd carl (BG) to take action. He considered the distances, with an intended height of the wind turbines of about 200 meters, too small.

Councillor reiner bruckner (SPD) asked about the community's ability to influence the project. Brunken: "this is low, these are priority areas, but we want to design together."
the lifespan of the wind turbines is 20 to 25 years, which is also how long the contractual obligations run. Then there may be a dismantling and complete removal of the foundations. However, this must be backed up by a burgschaft.

Away from the wind farm
Besides the dominating wind farm, other topics were also on the agenda. Chamber speaker klaus lindner came to a sobering conclusion in his half-yearly report on the budget.
The result this year will probably be less positive than expected. Since trade tax revenues in particular will not reach the optimistically estimated level of around five million euros, the budget is not expected to grow.
Nevertheless, the planned tree removals are already in execution, especially the renovation of the area at the train station and the birkleite are already in full swing. Regarding the current budget situation, mayor bernd reisenweber (BG) said: "hope dies last."

A significant increase was recorded in the crime statistics for 2012. In total there were 369 offences. In 2011 there were 262 offences, more than one hundred less than in the previous year. Traffic accidents, on the other hand, decreased. From 158 in 2011, they decreased to 129 last year.

Retirement after 35 years
The retirement of chamberlain klaus lindner caused a teary eye in the municipal council. He had been responsible for the finances of the municipality since 1978. The financial realization of the new school and frankenland hall was one of his special achievements "in 35 years, he had realized no much less than one billion marks. Even in school you always got an A in arithmetic, you were the calmest, meticulous, you found even the smallest mistakes and you were reluctant to leave your office", said reisenweber. In sports, he was one of the top table tennis players in the local area and even competed in the world senior championships in lillehammer.
In addition, he was an outstanding player in the national league of the SC sylvia ebersdorf. With moving words, klaus lindner once again reviewed his work in the community and said goodbye to his retirement.

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