With all means against building area

The fact that the sermon on the mountain became a topic of the council meeting, even if only in passing, was due to michael neubert, the founder of the initiative "schutzt das lillachtal" (protect the lillach valley). He liked that the municipality builds a mary chapel. But not in miniature, as stated on the agenda and criticized by him, but in smaller replica of the weibenoher monastery.

Weibenohe attracts with the lillachtal annually more and more hikers to hike to the lillinger fountain. The location for the chapel – the newly designated building area weber – let due to the mountain slope with protected flora and fauna the schopfung celebrate and bring abruptly the mountain sermon in mind.

Motion against the building area

The council members, on the other hand, had a different idea, since the motion also stated that the municipality should repeal all other existing statutes on urban land use planning for the construction of the chapel directly at the spring that rises there. "Now you see what it’s really about – against the construction area", said mayor rudolf braun (WGA).

He sees the motion with its appeal to christian conscience as the last chance of the petitioner to prevent the construction site from going ahead. One must have a lot of imagination to erect a smaller replica of the monastery only four hundred meters as the crow flies from the original one. To reach the requested chapel, the hikers had to walk up the mountain. There is a hiking trail there anyway, which only a few hikers use each year. "Hardly anyone goes that way", said mayor braun, who also found it strange that the municipality should build the chapel. "Especially if there is no funding proposal.", said braun.

Missing information

How rough the smaller image of the monastery should be was also a missing detail. "If it’s ten centimeters high, I’m for it", heinrich muller (UWG) said. The christian concern buried the municipal council. However, since the existing development plan and the other plans for the building area have already incurred considerable costs and dispositions have been made, the community council unanimously rejected.

Work crew should help again

Ash tree shoot death does not stop. Broken ashes were cut out every year. A conversation with the forster revealed that replanting should now begin. The municipality therefore wants to bring back the nature park work group of the association naturpark frankische schweiz-veldensteiner forst for other upcoming measures.

A day’s work costs between 700 and 750 euros. "This year they have de-bushed and built a new gelander, but it is not quite finished yet", rudolf braun explained the work that the team had only just completed. It was unanimously decided to bring the work team back to support them again next year.

Money for broadband expansion

As far as broadband expansion is concerned, weibenohe still has a lot of resources left to use. 1.1 million euros could still spend the community. "We will never need this", said the community leader. Grafenberg already. The neighboring town has only been challenged with ten percent, while weibenohe has been challenged with 90 percent in the internet expansion project.

From the first process, there were still two house connections on the weinberg, which now get faster internet. But at the sports center, at the waterworks and at the dog pound there is still no faster internet, said mayor rudolf braun. And the sports home in grafenberg also had to be supplied from the city. The idea was now to carry out the broadband expansion together, under the leadership of the municipality of weibenohe. Second mayor raimund schwarz (WGA) wanted to know what the timeline was like. "You can’t say that. At the moment three years are waiting", braun explained the order situation before the municipal councils approved the joint expansion of the grafenberg sports center.

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